WorksTiming SaaS application built using Ruby on Rails. Designed to simplify operations and increase job throughput for automotive maintenance shops. Provides live-updating customer and shop display boards for better shop visibility.


An invoicing tool built for freelance developers and tiny businesses. Provides features for time tracking, invoice generation, revenue & expense reporting, and more.

Betting Bad

Online trivia game that allowed fans to predict the outcome of the hit TV show Breaking Bad. The promo videos were featured on boingboing.


Enterprise Ruby on Rails application for an industrial services company. Built to automate company tasks, schedule jobs, manage employee records & safety training, and to monitor fleet equipment with GPS.


I'm a software developer living and working in Portland, OR. I work mostly with Ruby and Rails, but I'm also skilled in frontend development. I enjoy hiking, snowboarding, flying airplanes and spending time with my wife and son. The content here is an assemblage of random topics that piqued my interest long enough to write about—mostly software related.